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Why join

We are the first employer in the dental sector that places the patient, employees and collaborating doctors at the centre of the model.

For this reason, we want you to be part of our growth and join the challenge of developing yourself professionally in a company that is young but has more than 30 years of experience in dental care and health.


Your special day!

Feeling special is a prize for each one of us, which is why the company gives its employees the day off with pay on their birthday and we have made this policy part of our business culture and DNA since we know that time is the one of the best gifts you can receive on your special day.

Continuous learning

Innovation and learning is embedded in the company’s DNA and for this reason, we offer continuous personalised training that is accessible and aligned with the goals of the company in terms of the professional development of each person with a 24 hour Training Platform.

Commitment towards the family

We love the fact that our great team is continuously growing and this is why we have become certified as a Baby Friendly company, where we provide support throughout the entire maternity or paternity cycle, from the moment it is communicated until the mummy or daddy returns to their job.

Health as a priority

Health comes first! And to ensure this is true, you will have medical insurance for you and your family, through flexible remuneration.

Family support

For families with children, any help is always appreciated. We help by offering nursery school tickets through flexible remuneration.

Exclusive benefits

You will be a member of an employee club with discounts and promotions on products and services.

Guaranteed smile

We want to always see you smile, which is why we will provide you with advantages and discounts on our dental treatments for you and your family.

Travel without worries

Many people use public transportation to travel back and forth to their jobs and for this reason, we also offer a transport card with the aim of making your commute as easy as possible through flexible remuneration.

Social and environmental commitment

We carry out corporate activities as well as social prevention, health promotion and environmental campaigns.

Recharging our energy

We know of the importance of rest and recovery, which is why you will have 23 working days of paid holiday.

Equality and diversity

You can to grow personally and professionally in an environment where “diversity” contributes and brings us closer.

Work with us

We are looking for professionals who want to accept the challenge of developing professionally at a company that is young,
but has more than 30 years of experience in dental care and health.

In this area you will find all the professional opportunities offered by DONTE GROUP.