DONTE GROUP and all its brands experiences 21% growth and closes 2022 with a turnover of EUR 338.6 million

  • The company strengthens its position as a leading dental health group in Spain by increasing its profit thanks to its national expansion and reaching 413 clinics as of today clinics in operation. .
  • In 2022 the group strengthened its presence in Spain by opening 38 new clinics among its different brands (Moonz, Smysecret, Vitaldent and MAEX).
  • The company will allocate a part of the annual turnover to positive social impacts projects with non-profit organisations.

Madrid, July 17th 2023..- DONTE GROUP, a leading dental health group in Spain, and all its brands had a revenue of EUR 338.6 million in 2022, 21% more than the previous year, when its revenue was EUR 281.7 million. This figure matches the expansion plan initiated in 2022, which included the opening of 38 new clinics –31 Vitaldentcentres, 3 Moonzclinics, 2 Smysecret flagships and 2 MAEXentres– spread throughout Spain, until reaching a total of 392 in the entire country as of 31 December 2022.

“Without a doubt, 2022 has been a very important year for us. First, because DONTE GROUP established itself as the first dental health group in Spain, which has allowed us to strengthen our position in the dental health sector and has resulted in an increase in our healthcare activity and therefore turnover. Second, because the four brands (Moonz, Smysecret, Vitaldent and MAEX) that comprise the company have experienced growth, currently reaching 413 clinics in operation throughout Spain and one in London”, explains Javier Martín, CEO of DONTE GROUP.

With respect to the number of patients, in 2022 DONTE GROUP, through its four brands, provided care for 582,836 patients. Thus, in its 33 years of operations, the group has provided care to 8.5 million patients. Clearly, this positive trend in the number of patients reflects society’s recognition of the differential value proposition of its different brands.

In their commitment towards innovation, the group invested in the renewal of equipment and the incorporation of state-of-the-art dental technology in the digital flow. Additionally, they allocated nearly EUR 4 million to improving installations and relocating clinics to more strategic locations.

Forecasts for the group in 2023

During the first five months, DONTE GROUP has incorporated, through openings or acquisitions, 12 new centers: 8 Vitaldent clinics (Alcobendas-Chopera, Bravo Murillo, Santa Pola, Yecla, Águilas, Ubrique, Galapagar, and Villaverde), 2 Moonz centers (in San Sebastián and Las Rozas-Madrid), and 2 MAEX clinics (Ferrol and A Coruña). For the next seven months, the forecast is to open 5 more Vitaldent clinics, relocate our Moonz center from London, continue adding leading professionals to our MAEX specialized dental brand (the forecast is to add 5 new clinics to the existing ones in Málaga, Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña, and Ferrol). About Smysecret, the company will maintain the 3 flagship Smysecret locations and continuing to increase the reach of the more than the 145 Smy spaces included in the Vitaldent clinics.

“We want to strengthen the trust placed in us by our patients through the commitment and trust we place on our dental professionals. We strive to become a benchmark in terms of good business practices to strengthen our leadership in the sector, reaffirming our purpose of transforming dentistry, society and the planet by making dental health accessible around the world, with a special focus on the people who need it the most”, stated Javier Martín. “At the company we also continue considering new opportunities for expansion internationally, with the aim of increasing our presence in new markets. As of May 2023, in these early months of the year, we have experienced a growth of 13%, resulting in revenues of 155 million euros, with a similar growth across all our brands”, he says.

Non-financial Information Statement (NFIS)

In the Non-financial Information Statement (NFIS), DONTE GROUP has presented a series of actions that it will implement with the aim of contributing to healthcare and have a positive impact on the communities it interacts with, based on the United Nations’ SDGs. Amongst the main innovations, there are the commitment of allocating a percentage of its annual turnover to projects with non-profit organisations that share their vision, a greater detail in the corporate governance and sustainability governance structures, a growing dialogue with interest groups and the implementation of a strategic plan and its corresponding lines of action, among others.

Within the non-financial report, marked by ESG parameters (Environmental, Social and Governance), DONTE GROUP has focused their strategy especially on the social aspect, developing new lines of business to help sectors of society that do not have access to dental care, as well as to strengthen its already implemented strategy of the “democratisation” of dental health.

The NFIS has been drafted following GRI criteria, including Materiality Matrix indicators.

The brand with which we have created a new concept of quality medical dentistry that takes into account every detail of the process, generating an experience where innovation is at the centre.

MAEX is formed by a group of dentists with a unique knowledge and a great passion for the practice of dentistry who endeavour to be the main reference in the sector. Through them, we create the state of the art of the discipline, characterised by technical excellence, knowledge and quality of care.

We thus seek to lead the way to the dentistry of the future, combining expertise and excellence to create a new concept and standard of dental quality.

Our coolest and most carefree brand that specialises in aesthetic dental treatments for young patients. We design the best version of smiles with fast, simple, comfortable and effective methods, at competitive prices.

At Smysecret we take care of every aspect to make sure that our patients get the smile they have always wanted. We do this through treatments which, thanks to the use of technology, redefine the dental experience. Within the brand we specialise in comfortable, painless treatments through our invisible orthodontics, permanent dental enamel, whitening and gingivoplasty procedures. We strive every day to ensure that our patients’ experience is tailored to their needs, whether in our stand-alone clinics or in corners and boxes in Vitaldent clinics.

All our experience in each of our products and treatments contributes to the revolution in aesthetic dentistry and smile care as a driver of happiness that we have been championing with Smysecret since its creation.

Our brand that specialises in paediatric dentistry and orthodontics. In our clinics, we aim to make the treatments fun and educational for each child, and as pleasant and simple as possible for their parents.

At Moonz, each patient has a specialist involved in their treatment from start to finish. And to further enhance the amiability of our service, the Moonz clinics are designed as open spaces full of magic and colour that provide security and peace of mind for both youngsters and parents.

Through all this, we manage to encourage their creativity, their development and the acquisition of good habits inside and outside the clinic, without sacrificing the highest quality and excellence.

The brand with which we have established a new way of going to the dentist, marking a turning point in the way of understanding dentistry.

Vitaldent was the first company to open walk-in dental clinics that provide a comprehensive dentistry service with different areas in the same centre and to offer tailored financing with extended hours and a large number of branches in Spain. We provide each patient with a customised, comprehensive treatment to fully recover the health and harmony of their mouth.

By doing this, we seek to make quality dentistry accessible to every person with the most advanced technology, the best treatments and professionals with proven experience.