DONTE GROUP expands its dental coverage by joining Yoigo’s telemedicine service “DoctorGO”

  • Users of the application will have personalized advice from our collaborating dentists

  • The agreement also provides free access to “Mi Vitaldent,” a loyalty program that offers more than 25 benefits, free treatments, and special discounts

Madrid, 16th May 2023.-

We are joining Yoigo’s health and telemedicine service “DoctorGO.” Through this alliance, platform users will be able to have online and personalized consultations with our group’s collaborating dentists. Additionally, they will have free access to “Mi Vitaldent,” Vitaldent’s program that offers up to 25 benefits, free treatments, and special discounts.

With this agreement, the innovative telemedicine, nutrition, and fitness service “DoctorGO” incorporates the online dental service, supported by the expertise of our professionals. The goal of this service is to bring healthcare closer to patients through the most comprehensive digital telecommunications model. The application allows for consultations and the request of electronic prescriptions.

Among the main oral healthcare treatments available in the application are immediate chat or video response services, free general dental services such as dental cleaning, simple extractions, fluoridation, or fillings, among others, consultations and check-ups, emergencies, and diagnostic images (dental CT scans, intraoral scanners, etc.).

“At DONTE GROUP, we see the alliance with Yoigo as a unique opportunity to provide innovative solutions in the field of health and telemedicine. This agreement represents a great opportunity for DONTE GROUP, allowing us to utilize our experience and knowledge in oral health to improve people’s quality of life and make healthcare more accessible to everyone,” explains Javier Martín Ocaña, CEO of DONTE GROUP. “DONTE GROUP’s addition to DoctorGO also allows us to expand our reach in the healthcare market and develop new technological solutions to further enhance the patient experience. We are committed to working together with Yoigo and other partners to drive innovation in healthcare and improve people’s quality of life,” he adds.

The care procedure begins with the teleconsultation through the “DoctorGO” application, where a collaborating dentist from DONTE GROUP attends to the patient and examines their case individually. After the consultation, if the nature of it requires or if the client requests it, they receive a link to access the “Mi Vitaldent” club, where after filling out a form, they will receive a call to schedule an in-person appointment at a group.

The brand with which we have created a new concept of quality medical dentistry that takes into account every detail of the process, generating an experience where innovation is at the centre.

MAEX is formed by a group of dentists with a unique knowledge and a great passion for the practice of dentistry who endeavour to be the main reference in the sector. Through them, we create the state of the art of the discipline, characterised by technical excellence, knowledge and quality of care.

We thus seek to lead the way to the dentistry of the future, combining expertise and excellence to create a new concept and standard of dental quality.

Our coolest and most carefree brand that specialises in aesthetic dental treatments for young patients. We design the best version of smiles with fast, simple, comfortable and effective methods, at competitive prices.

At Smysecret we take care of every aspect to make sure that our patients get the smile they have always wanted. We do this through treatments which, thanks to the use of technology, redefine the dental experience. Within the brand we specialise in comfortable, painless treatments through our invisible orthodontics, permanent dental enamel, whitening and gingivoplasty procedures. We strive every day to ensure that our patients’ experience is tailored to their needs, whether in our stand-alone clinics or in corners and boxes in Vitaldent clinics.

All our experience in each of our products and treatments contributes to the revolution in aesthetic dentistry and smile care as a driver of happiness that we have been championing with Smysecret since its creation.

Our brand that specialises in paediatric dentistry and orthodontics. In our clinics, we aim to make the treatments fun and educational for each child, and as pleasant and simple as possible for their parents.

At Moonz, each patient has a specialist involved in their treatment from start to finish. And to further enhance the amiability of our service, the Moonz clinics are designed as open spaces full of magic and colour that provide security and peace of mind for both youngsters and parents.

Through all this, we manage to encourage their creativity, their development and the acquisition of good habits inside and outside the clinic, without sacrificing the highest quality and excellence.

The brand with which we have established a new way of going to the dentist, marking a turning point in the way of understanding dentistry.

Vitaldent was the first company to open walk-in dental clinics that provide a comprehensive dentistry service with different areas in the same centre and to offer tailored financing with extended hours and a large number of branches in Spain. We provide each patient with a customised, comprehensive treatment to fully recover the health and harmony of their mouth.

By doing this, we seek to make quality dentistry accessible to every person with the most advanced technology, the best treatments and professionals with proven experience.