DONTE GROUP has designed a Sustainability Plan and ESG supported by three pillars:

Our response to the challenges for each pillar is divided into 13 specific programme that allow the Donte Group to bring value to its employees, patients and the communities in which it operates, be a model of excellence in relation to corporate culture and reduce our environmental impact.
Our action plan is implemented in more than 100 initiatives structured around these 13 programmes.

Pillars of our


The pillars upon which our plan is based are clearly aligned with the model of leadership and purpose with which the Donte Group was founded: to contribute to improving dentistry, society and the planet by making dental care accessible to everyone.

Caring for people

To meet the needs of the present without putting future generations at risk, the DONTE GROUP’s operations rest on three pillars, with the most important being caring for people.

From our employees and partners, to our patients and the communities where we operate; all these people are the driving force of our plan.

Protecting our corporate culture and good governance

We aim to be a benchmark company in best business practice, supported by our values and our purpose.

In all cases, operating in accordance with principles of transparency, good governance and business ethics to be a leader in sustainability in the oral health sector.

Protecting the planet

As a company we include the health of our planet in our decision-making process.

Our purpose in protecting the planet will be carried out through leadership accompanied by sustainable communication. The coherence of our actions with respect to our purpose will be a priority: reducing the generation of waste and emissions, promoting the circular economy and managing energy and water resources efficiently.

Our initiatives

Some examples of these initiatives would be extending our commitment to democratising access to dental health through financing programmes for vulnerable persons.

Plans to promote conciliation, physical and emotional well-being and the professional development of our employees.

Surveys in order to identify ways to increase the satisfaction of the dental practitioners who work with us.

Implement a Sustainability governance model in the company as a leader in best practices

Give visibility to our Sustainability Report or establishing goals in relation to diversity and inclusion at all levels within the organisation.

Some of the initiatives include measuring our carbon footprint, developing a decarbonisation plan

Monitoring and reducing energy, water and plastic consumption, among others.

To meet the needs of the present without putting future generations at risk, the DONTE GROUP’s operations rest on three pillars


We comply

DONTE GROUP was born with the firm purpose of contributing to healthcare, as well as having a positive impact on the communities we interact with. This purpose is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Within our #SustainableCOMMITMENT, one of the pillars on which it is based is the care of people.

DONTE GROUP is committed to allocating at least 0.01% of its annual revenue to donations for foundations with which we find synergies and common points with our vision.